Philo Hagen’s childhood trauma recovery really began in the fall of 2016, eventually leading him to a life saving agency called Peace Over Violence. Working with Joshua Beckett, LMFT, as well as Milena Lukic, LMFT, they oh so generously changed everything in his life for nothing at all.  So to pay all of that time, attention and incredible generosity forward, Philo decided to start a trauma recovery podcast for other survivors out there and those who love us.

Late Night Trauma Transmissions is about everything he’s learned, is learning, and wished he’d known sooner. It’s a hush toned healing journey of quiet conversations, oh so late interviews with soft spoken guests, healing discussions, coping strategies, chilled tunes and more. And yes, it is literally recorded very late at night – in Los Angeles, California, USA.  New episodes available most Mondays.

The name of the podcast came about to not only honor the countless and lengthy 3am check in and healing conversations that have taken place with fellow childhood trauma survivor Kate Garza, primarily in her car outside a Del Taco on Sunset, but to also honor all the others out there who can’t sleep at night. Perhaps they, like Philo and Kate, grew up in homes where it wasn’t safe to. Kate also makes pretty regular podcast appearances as well.